Protect SNAP, America’s Most Effective Anti-Hunger Program

Highlight the role SNAP plays in alleviating hunger and poverty in America by urging your Members of Congress to protect and strengthen SNAP in the Farm Bill.

On June 28, by votes of 68 to 30 and 86 to 11, respectively, the Senate tabled a very harmful SNAP amendment and then passed its version of the Farm Bill that omits the cuts to SNAP benefits and eligibility that the House-passed bill contains. The harmful amendment offered by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) would have imposed harsh work rules and required food retail employees to check photo identification for SNAP EBT card consumers. The House bill that squeaked by on June 21 by a vote of 213 to 211 would cut $20 billion over ten years from SNAP food benefits.

House and Senate Actions:

Messaging for Members of the House:

  • Protect and strengthen SNAP in the conference process, reject the House Farm Bill, and keep food on the table for people struggling against hunger.
  • Thank Representatives who voted “No” on H.R. 2 and urge them to continue to protect and strengthen SNAP. You can check out their votes here: May 18 vote that failed to pass; June 21 vote that passed.
  • Urge moderate Republicans who voted “Yes” on H.R. 2 to support the Senate provisions of the nutrition title of the Farm Bill, which would better protect food access for vulnerable people in their districts.

Messaging for Senators:

  • Thank the 68 Senators who voted to table a harmful SNAP amendment to the Farm Bill and urge all Senators to continue to protect and strengthen SNAP in the conference process and reject the House Farm Bill.

Be sure to check out FRAC’s website for the latest updates and FRAC’s Farm Bill Resource Toolkit.

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